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6 Jan

Need Help??

I am never sure how many people read this blog, but I thought I would put this out there. I

30 Sep

ColdFusion 7 and the PayPal Web Payments Pro API

After working happily for a year or so, a client’s donation engine that uses the PayPal Web Payments Pro system

4 Aug

Reflections on CFBuilder

I have been using CFBuilder now everyday since it was in beta and have a few reflections: 1. OBVIOUS –

4 Jan

Microsoft SQL Script to update BlogCFC 5.92

I just upgraded tonight to the latest release of BlogCFC, (what runs this blog) and realized that there is not

12 Nov

Simple SES

As I was deploying the latest version of the Resonant Media site ( It was important to do as much

12 Dec

Migrating to ColdFusion 8

Well, I have started migrating some of my apps to CF8 and am VERY impressed. There has not been any

4 Dec

ModelGlue Version 3 – IN THE WORKS

I noticed Joe’s IM display name today, “MG3: Game On!” and asked him what was up. Here are the details

8 Sep

Dynamic FCKEditor Style Configuration

So, I have a CMS that now has multiple sites that it is managing. When there was only one site,

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